Sophia’s Coracle

I spent most of 2019 and early 2020 writing about moral philosophy based on my 50 years of reading and reflection. This started as a reply to what I saw as a glaring absence of historical context and critical thinking about the philosophy of information. The work became a brief chronicle of moral philosophy from ancient times to the early 21st century and was presented as a series of blogposts on this site. This was not intended to be the last word on anything. Rather, it is a trail of breadcrumbs. I don’t attempt to hide or apologize for my foundation or conclusions. It is important to note that this was written before the COVID lockdown but that changed little for me.

The original series is tagged under “moral philosophy.”

In Summer of 2021 I recorded the material with realtime edits and no post production. These were posted to my Patreon site as unlocked content and have been copied here without alteration.

Links with attribution are appreciated. My links to source references are in the original blogposts.

Ethics Part 1

Aristotle, Confucius, Lao Tze and Hillel

Ethics Part 2

Augustine, The Stoics and Buddha

Ethics Part 3

Boethius and The Middle Ages

Ethics Part 4

The Renaissance and Humanism

Ethics Part 5

The Protestant Reformation and The Copernican Revolution 

Ethics Part 6

17th Century Schizoid Man

Ethics Part 7

Hobbes, Locke, The Cambridge Platonists and The Glorious Revolution

Ethics Part 8

The French Enlightenment and its Fruits

Ethics Part 9

The Birth of a Nation and Invention of the American Ethos

Ethics Part 10

Kant, Goethe and The German Enlightenment 

Ethics Part 11

Utilitarianism, Positivism and Nihilism 

Ethics Part 12

Hero Worship, the Welfare State and Totalitarianism 

Ethics Part 13

Transcendentalism, Idealism, Pragmatism and Vedanta in The West

Ethics Part 14

Darwin, the Death of God and the Birth of AI

Ethics Part 15

Existentialism, Depth Psychology & Radicalism 

Ethics Part 16A

The Frankfurt School (Critical Theory) and The Devolution of Academia 

Ethics Part 16B

The Frankfurt School (Critical Theory) and The Devolution of Academia, Concluding Session