EV Madness

Here’s my response to Volvo telling me they are going all in on EVs:

Andrew Talbot

11/07/2018 08:20 AM

RE: “We’re taking a stand to make your life better”

I am disgusted with attempts by auto makers to foist electric cars despite there being no coherent value proposition for the user or the environment. The only answer to why this is happening that fits the facts is that cars must be used as a means of control by the powers that be rather than what they long were, the ultimate freedom of mobility tools.

I have had 3 Volvos including my current one but I want you to know that your “stand” means I am done with the brand.  #electricvehicles

Screenshot_2018-11-08 Screenshot

By vitruvius1

Formerly an integrated marketing and customer experience consultant. Writer on moral philosophy and current affairs.

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