Politics Screwheads Delenda Est

Biden & Xi Have a Zoom

3.5 hour virtual meeting between Eastern dictator and Western factotum, summarized.

Xi: Hey, thanks to you and your predecessor for all the stimulus and “build back better” money without which our economy would be in deep doodoo.
Biden: Check
Xi:  But shut up about Taiwan already. We’re taking over and you fellas had better sit it out. BTW, most of your top companies, foundations and universities are so far up our butts we don’t need to shoot at your token uniformed presence to tie you up in knots. Your navy might be a concern if they could sail without banging into rocks or other ships.
Biden: Roger that, but I have to look tough with you guys so expect a few noisemakers. No offense.
Xi: Got it. One more thing Joe, the USD has about another year or two as global reserve currency and then America’s hegemonic fantasy is done. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.
Biden: Huh?


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