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AMA Immolates What’s Left of Trust Placed in Medicine

In publicly sacrificing the doctrine of informed consent and calling for Covid19 vaccine mandates, the AMA head has crossed The Rubicon. It is likely, though far from certain, that the image of the MD as a trusted partner in patient health will not soon recover from this trauma.

Scientism is one of the chief ills of this age, and blindly trusting in the output of mechanistic views of life as the way towards anything other than greater misery is merely perverse. It is therefore beyond ironical that the mystagogues of this religion have done more to undermine real science in the last two years than the supernaturalists whom they despise could do in the last 200.

It is grotesque to equate the erasure of critical thinking and sophisticated trial and error with science, since this is its very antithesis. But they convince the mob, who only understand force.

Yet, even were they to remain true to the project of science, they would only have borrowed moral authority and the simulacrum of an ethical basis for what they do. As it is, they can’t even put up a false front. Consequently, any bulwark other than abject tyranny is not available to them, and so trust will ultimately be denied them.

It’s about damned time. Make-us Sickby, M.D. long ago lost credibility with anyone who was aware of the warped game the medical cartel plays.

By vitruvius1

Formerly an integrated marketing and customer experience consultant. Writer on moral philosophy and current affairs.

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