Return of Son of Ronamania Screwheads Delenda Est

Multipolar World

This was originally published several months ago. I am reposting in honor of and mourning the loss of Shinzo Abe. My hope and prayer are that Abe San accomplishes even more in death than he did in life.

A truly multipolar world could be wonderful!

Solidarity with Ozzie cousins who’ve had it with jack-booted enforcement of freedom-destroying and health-ineffectual globoterror mandates and lockdowns!

Maybe Americans (including Canadians) will locate the misplaced gonads. A massive general strike sounds grand, but scads of uncoordinated acts of civil disobedience might do the trick. (How about that #lyingflat thing?)

May India find the bright and beautiful future its people deserve!!

Blessings on the good people of Taiwan! Yes, it’s China. That doesn’t mean it rolls over for the corrupt and evil CCP, or that the people there or on the mainland don’t have the right of self-determination. (Tiananmen keeps poking out of the memory hole and Hong Kong has open wounds.)

Perhaps it’s time for 日本 to stand up and lead against thuggery, whether Washington and Wall Street like it or not. It may be their best destiny! (A big reason I am studying 日本語.)

Here’s a prayer for Korean unification and joint prosperity! 🙏🙏

Vietnam now has a chance to shine by continuing to display the fierce independence and courage that have defined it for millennia! With any luck, they can combine with the independent provinces of Canton in mutual support once the CCP goes the way of the USSR.

I also can’t wait for NATO to cease to exist, a few hundred US bases on foreign soil to get shut down, and for the UN to relocate. Take it away France and Germany, and good luck. And can we please fire and maybe indict Victoria Nuland already?

I’m not even going to start on the Middle East.

Peace, love and hope to all!

By vitruvius1

Formerly an integrated marketing and customer experience consultant. Writer on moral philosophy and current affairs.

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