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Line In The Sand

If at this point your freedom (for which people you would despise made the ultimate sacrifice) means you have the right to promote/coerce sex changes and chemical acts of violence and isolation on children, while also banning people who think that’s evil from all forms of public discourse, we have nothing further to discuss.

Same story for promulgating inane energy policies which will cause millions to starve, freeze or not have water while doing nothing to help “the environment,” whatever that even means to you.

Ditto if you think throwing advanced weapons at avowedly fascist thugs abroad while jailing without recourse, or socially cancelling peaceful protesters (but not arsonists and roving bands of looters and bashers), or anyone who has the gaul to defend himself and loved ones against violence or report on same; is consistent with promoting peace or an open society where each person is respected. Your presumption of security and justice will continue to evaporate along with the willingness of “deplorables” to defend you.

Ditto again if you actively engage in rewriting history or destroying the record so future generations can’t find out if you (or I) were wrong.

Ditto again if you think religious liberty means having a racist/ethnocentric theocracy, which depends on aid from other “democracies”, and which makes minority communities armed camps where your goons can murder children with impunity; or assassinating apostates and publicly decapitating people who don’t wear your costume, or who publish cartoons you don’t like; and then whining about how your rights are infringed in moronic media.

If you don’t like what I’m saying please unfollow or de-link me. If you decline and are triggered by my views so be it. I am way past caring. If you stand by while your employer or mission critical digital platform promotes that nonsense you are the same as they are. Not buying it, or anything you sell (PayPal, YouTube, Disney, etc., etc.)

By vitruvius1

Formerly an integrated marketing and customer experience consultant. Writer on moral philosophy and current affairs.

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