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Jeffrey Tucker Interviews Max Blumenthal

Great stuff from Brownstone Institute & Jeffrey Tucker.

I am a fan of Max Blumenthal, Jimmy Dore and Russell Brand. If we survive the idiocy being foisted by imperialist fools on the left and the right plus the anti-life, technocratic, globalist nightmare; then they may have already articulated a path toward reconciliation and common ground.

I would add that without divine intervention we are toast anyway. Tolkien had it about right when it came to the real struggle with the thrones, dominions and powers. I also find it heartening that Giorgia Meloni is a JRRT fan.

General disclaimer: If any of my comments certify me as a right wing extremist, here’s a reminder that I have put my money where my mouth is. I am pro labor, pro civil liberties and pro personal sovereignty, which until recently were mainstream and center-left bromides. If the so-called left is now none of these, as it is enthralled by the personal idiosyncrasies of woke billionaires as Blumenthal says of ACLU; well that don’t confront me. And for whatever it’s worth, I’ve disliked Donald Trump since the early 90’s. He rode the crest of a populist wave and so achieved impossible wins against the establishment which pulled out all the stops to destroy him. In doing so they probably drove a stake through any credibility the failing American Republic still had as anything other than a laserlight show with pyrotechnics. So be it.

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Formerly an integrated marketing and customer experience consultant. Writer on moral philosophy and current affairs.

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