Politics Screwheads Delenda Est

“You are already dead”

Short-lived U.S. hegemony has crossed the event horizon where not even light escapes being sucked into the singularity, there to be dematerialized. Bullying, censorship and propaganda can’t stop this. The Republic may have been more or less democratic at some point but it is too far gone now.

I canna’ gae ye more power, Captain

The American people; over 90% of whom are irrelevant to the government except as battery packs, props or useful idiots; have no more responsibility for this than does the government of Micronesia.

What remains is for people of good will wherever they are to get on with their lives, assuming the child empire with dangerous toys and lunatic leaders doesn’t kill them all in its final temper tantrum.

PS: The CCP are no better, and China’s rich cultural heritage doesn’t belong to them any more than American ideals of liberty and justice belong to neocons and regressives.

After the death punch. . .

By vitruvius1

Formerly an integrated marketing and customer experience consultant. Writer on moral philosophy and current affairs.

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