Return of Son of Ronamania

Late Stage Ronamania

I have consumed quite a bit of “misinformation” on #covid19 /Sars2 and how authorities and their presumed experts have handled it. The more I look, the worse the picture gets. Much actual science is actively censored, which is evidence of conspiracy. There continues to be non-conforming information for conscientious people to find, but one has to dig in the dirt and be skeptical of pretty much everything. Even if you toss out many challenges to the mainstream narrative as conspiracy theories by wingnuts, there are some inescapable conclusions.

Most of what we are being told by those whom we have trusted to look out for our interests is a flimsy tissue of lies. Our medical establishment is an expensive, corrupt joke. I believe Sars2 exists, but it’s lethality, especially in young or otherwise healthy people, is grossly exaggerated. I am convinced this is for power and wealth on the part of those most responsible, and not misguided views of public health, though these are abundant and manipulated by actual conspirators (no theory).

The economic and societal costs of the ineffective lockdowns, face diapering, social distancing, money printing and idiotic rule making are very real. This was never justified. Whether commisars, media flacks and “academic” shills can use the word science in a sentence means nothing. Where they fall on a spectrum of intentionally evil to grossly incompetent no longer matters.

The existence of Sars2 and seemingly limitless variants as pathogens is seriously open to question, and pointing out why this is so doesn’t make one irresponsible. It’s just science.

The best defense for individuals and communities against Sars2, assuming the pathogen exists, is promoting and leading a healthy lifestyle while strengthening natural immunity, which experimental mRNA therapies (intentionally misnamed vaccines) don’t do.

Inexpensive, safe and proven effective therapies for treatment of those who do become ill are known. Their use and promulgation should be encouraged, not suppressed as is now the case.

Forcing or manipulating people into having substances with unknown effects injected into their bodies, while depriving them of the opportunity for informed consent, is a human rights and medical ethics violation, and is against international law. The perpetrators should be removed from positions of power (in government, healthcare and media), arrested and tried.

Employers who mandate invasive and experimental mRNA therapies as conditions of employment or public access to services are committing acts of violence against their workers, customers and communities; and should be dealt with accordingly.

If saying this means they won’t hire me, so be it. If I can’t buy their groceries, get on their planes or use their devices because I don’t bow to their cargo cult, that is their loss not mine. It is my honor and privilege to deny support to entities engaging in unprovoked violence in any and every way over which I can exert control.

By vitruvius1

Integrated marketing and customer experience consultant. Writer on moral philosophy and business.

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