Return of Son of Ronamania Screwheads Delenda Est

I Am Stoked!

I am so psyched to:

–Miss the next Sean Penn movie and most big studio content
–Not use #socialmedia any more than I can help and actively limit screentime
–Ignore most mainstream #media, which is easy to do as I don’t pay to access any of it except Netflix and Crunchyroll, and they may soon go
–Not attend concerts or purchase content by artists requiring vax proof by attendees at events
–Avoid most professional #sports and any Olympics ever
–Not set foot in Illinois, New York, New Jersey, California, Michigan, Massachusetts, Oregon, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Washington or District of Columbia; or volunteer money to support their economies
–Not get on any major #airline, do international #travel or make unnecessary trips involving anything with a motor
–Not drink alcohol or take any big #pharma prescription drugs I can avoid
–Stay out of hospitals, and if they carry me in, sign myself out as soon as physically able (If I can’t treat it with whatever is in the medicine cabinet I am probably doomed anyway.)
–Not buy a new model smartphone or IoT device, or endlessly upgrade software with no incremental value (whatever happened to backward compatibility?)
–Limit #business with companies or governments which kowtow to the CCP and benefit from tax graft, mark to fantasy accounting, slavery/human trafficking, and perpetual war, while spouting woke nonsense (e.g., Tesla, all big banks, big tech/media and much of Fortune 500 zombies)
–Earn less/pay less, and use up dollars before they become completely worthless thanks to insane central banks
–Avoid borrowing #money and pay 0% interest
–Do without anything else I forgot to mention which will deprive fascist rat bastards and sycophants of money and influence

By vitruvius1

Integrated marketing and customer experience consultant. Writer on moral philosophy and business.

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