Return of Son of Ronamania

Removed from LinkedIn for “Misinformation”

I worked on #pharma marketing enough to have a basic grasp of #clinicaltrials, the new drug approval process and what responsible drug makers and government watchdogs do when a handful of people unexpectedly die or get a debilitating ailment which might be a result of the treatment. Hint: it rhymes with full. You don’t have to be a Doctor to understand this or to take responsibility for your own health and that of your children.

In subverting the process for critical review after what amounts to a failed trial, the FDA granted full approval to a similar but not yet existing Pfizer drug to what is available under the Emergency Use Authorization, thereby making it harder to say no to the jab. They may think this is a CYA but whatever it is, it ain’t science.

Given the most likely under-reported adverse events for the drug, for which the Feds absolved the maker for all legal accountability, the drug would have been pulled under any normal set of circumstances. That it has instead been “approved” should shred whatever credibility the FDA has for operating in the interest of public health, especially given how bogus the efficacy claims appear to be.

Oh and masks don’t work but may be harmful based on any remotely credible evidence. They are badges of submission and permission to violate the rights of a target group (e.g. schoolchildren), just like the one below. Tyranny never has the moral high ground but always pretends to.

#healthcare #covid #fda #patientrights

By vitruvius1

Integrated marketing and customer experience consultant. Writer on moral philosophy and business.

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