Screwheads Delenda Est

How I’m Spending My Time

Here’s what keeps me busy these days:

–Studying Japanese

–Reading (classic fiction; important and mostly old non-fiction; Japanese manga and zero business books) and doing a little writing

–Watching anime

–Working out 6 or 7 days a week — still love P90X after several years of practice, and am improving my Yoga

–Playing guitar — hacking away but may after 40 years of trying be able to produce something vaguely musical

–Practicing with my long range hole punch (a.k.a. rifle) whenever I can

–Cooking & housekeeping

I have no idea how any of this will make money. At the present time I don’t much care. Totally off the gerbil wheel.


By vitruvius1

Integrated marketing and customer experience consultant. Writer on moral philosophy and business.

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