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The New Death of The Arch Duke — Thucydides Traps R Us

If history is even a myopic guide, “America will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian,” then sanction any unfortunate survivors of failure. Meanwhile “we” are arming the friends and family of the very people who reputedly perpetrated The Boston Marathon bombing, if laughingstock Americans are even capable of remembering that one; which, by the way could have been prevented had the FBI listened to the Russians about Tsernaev.

The corporatocracy; who have been deafeningly silent about human rights abuses by CCP, US, Saudi, etc. for years; are now universally in favor of helping Nazi Azov’s kill ethnic Russians so The Big Guy, Creepy Joe, can paper over his corruption and save his rump administration — because Putin is eeeevil. (My finding this asinine makes me a Putinbot, naturally.)

According to MSM, if you aren’t beating the drum for them you are a subhuman; just as you are if you didn’t buy into their ronamania, featuring face diapering child abuse and mass poisoning with garbage vaxxes to combat a bioengineered venture of SPECTRE, aka our rulers. God forbid you should keep your eye on the hand with the coin.

If after all their lies you now believe their nonsense you probably deserve WWIII and are likely to get it, good and hard. But hey, don’t listen to me, I’m only a conspiracy theorist.

By vitruvius1

Formerly an integrated marketing and customer experience consultant. Writer on moral philosophy and current affairs.

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