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Work Makes You Free?

Work makes you free, if and only if:
1. You are free to negotiate a price or walk away (which you can’t do when everyone is a slave of the state)
2. Your work is compensated in real money on which thrift is rewarded rather than punished (which it can’t be if payment is in currency controlled by a banking cartel who are beneficiaries of officially approved counterfeiting and fraud)

Otherwise it’s a con or just plain slavery. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably looking to get something for nothing through chicanery.

Evil enterprises don’t become good by convincing good people to slave away for them. However they never stop peddling slave morality as virtue. For minions, “I was just doing my job,” is no excuse.

Refraining from working in support of the interest of bad motives/people is a risk, but when enough people do it together it’s a powerful weapon.

It’s inevitable that people should rediscover this amidst rampant inflation; obscene taxation to support graft; and denigration of the working class through corrupt media, illegitimate laws, and extralegal abuse. All of these are used to enrich those at the top while suppressing dissent.

Nonviolent resistance will be violently put down when it starts to work. Buckle up people.

Freedom isn’t free. If we leave defending it to someone else then we never had it or didn’t deserve it.

By vitruvius1

Formerly an integrated marketing and customer experience consultant. Writer on moral philosophy and current affairs.

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