Return of Son of Ronamania Screwheads Delenda Est

I Am Stoked!

I am so psyched to: –Miss the next Sean Penn movie and most big studio content–Not use #socialmedia any more than I can help and actively limit screentime–Ignore most mainstream #media, which is easy to do as I don’t pay to access any of it except Netflix and Crunchyroll, and they may soon go–Not attend concerts […]

Return of Son of Ronamania

Late Stage Ronamania

I have consumed quite a bit of “misinformation” on #covid19 /Sars2 and how authorities and their presumed experts have handled it. The more I look, the worse the picture gets. Much actual science is actively censored, which is evidence of conspiracy. There continues to be non-conforming information for conscientious people to find, but one has […]