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No Job and Grateful

I got laid off in Autumn 2019. Since then I have not had a full time job paying more than a small fraction of what I used to make. Here are some things for which I am truly thankful: –I haven’t had to pay huge taxes to corrupt local, state and federal governments which use […]

Moral Philosophy Politics Screwheads Delenda Est work/life

Work Makes You Free?

Work makes you free, if and only if:1. You are free to negotiate a price or walk away (which you can’t do when everyone is a slave of the state)2. Your work is compensated in real money on which thrift is rewarded rather than punished (which it can’t be if payment is in currency controlled […]

Moral Philosophy The Real Employee Manual work/life

Dirty Jobs

I have been a remote worker either part or full time since 2004. I realized then that it was more important for me to work on my own terms than to move up the corporate ladder. I was a bit ahead of the curve. Now I am trading my white collar shirt for a blue […]

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Hallelujah I’m A Bum

My grandfather couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket but he loved to sing. He used to hum this and belt out the refrain while leading his scout troop through the woods. I’m not sure if he knew it was an IWW standard. I would rather be a bum than work for a company that […]