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The Decalogue

The Ten Commandments,
a la Demille

Seems straightforward enough:

Worship only Jehovah God.​—Exodus 20:3.

Doesn’t say there aren’t other gods, just says the one talking to Moses claims exclusivity and primacy for Israel (and by extension, heretical but faithful cousins).

Do not practice idolatry.​—Exodus 20:​4-6.

This means don’t pray to false gods of your own creation or of any kind, e.g., money, sex, status, power or ego-gratification. You get the idea.

Do not take up God’s name in a worthless way.​—Exodus 20:7.

Don’t be quick to use God’s name to curse people or for conjuring (gimmes). This is far worse than using Mr Krabs’ sentence enhancers.

Keep the Sabbath.​—Exodus 20:​8-​11.

God rested after work. So should you, and don’t let anybody tell you different. Also, set aside time each week to humbly and seriously connect with God.

Honor your parents.​—Exodus 20:12.

Seems to be impossible. Do it anyway, even if they are idiots.

Do not murder.​—Exodus 20:13.


Do not commit adultery.​—Exodus 20:14.

This is tough for moderns. People are usually like most birds. They mate for life. BTW, regulating this is not the prerogative of insurance companies or the state, but God takes an interest. Also, solemn promises matter.

Do not steal.​—Exodus 20:15.


Do not testify falsely.​—Exodus 20:16.

Should be obvious but seems impossible, especially if there’s a government paycheck involved. Truth telling matters.

Do not covet.​—Exodus 20:17.

Impossible for people who pay attention to advertising. Work on it all your life.

A society where most people make it their business to follow these directions without coercion can work pretty well. Others, not so much. Any questions?

By vitruvius1

Formerly an integrated marketing and customer experience consultant. Writer on moral philosophy and current affairs.

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