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Leviathan and the 1%

That we have more and more intrusive government at all levels as well as the unprecedented concentration of wealth is no coincidence. To address each separately is problematic. If our gigantic, expensive, corrupt and incompetent governing bodies don’t work for we the people, and only seem to give lip service to the noisiest, expecting them to do something to make the rich bastards pay their fair share is puerile.  At the same time, to ignore the plutocrats and expect to reform or check government excess and waste by voting the bums out is naive. Consequently, government keeps getting bigger and nastier while the masters of the universe get more brazen. Barring the apocalypse or fundamental societal change not compelled by elites and their presstitutes, real conservatives and liberals will keep on losing as the swamp festers.

Conservatives vs Liberals

The time when positive change could happen without a catastrophe rapidly draws to a close. I firmly believe that the usually silent majority don’t need to get involved, they need to sit down. Stop feeding the beast and it dies. Try to fight it and it eats you. It’s that simple. But solidarity in the West is all but impossible. Maybe the Chinese people, the real owners of their cultural heritage, will lead in THIS way; and not, as the CCP imagines, by being slaves to their overlords.

The best way to defeat Klaus Schwab is to give him what he wants. Eating bugs is optional. Do just enough to get by. Stop working hard and stop using credit to buy junk. The jerks really haven’t thought this through.

By vitruvius1

Formerly an integrated marketing and customer experience consultant. Writer on moral philosophy and current affairs.

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